In this I will tell you what you have read in the title. How to go step by step. Must have read on your YouTube.


This means how to go step by step, but in this article we will get into how we can recover. Let’s see the ID of our super sale from Clash of Clans.

What will be our first step? What about seconds? What is the conclusion and if there are things that have changed and new things have happened, we will tell that also in this, what is next?


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In the first step, you have to open the game, after that go to the Settings option and click on Help and Support. Then in the second step, let me tell you that I am showing you a step by step guide. Like this complete one is available on YouTube. That’s the way the car is, it’s exactly like that. RECOVER YOUR SUPERCELL I’D



You will go to help and support. I am telling you the second step. When you go to helpline support, you will see something like this meaning of banner or something like that?


If you have come to the third step, then when the accountant issues you with your account, you will see four options. Choose one option out of those four options. Is this the first option or is it a bonded account or other RECOVER YOUR SUPERCELL I’D

Step 3 I had to do whatever is in step three. Had to do recovery account of Clash of Class, so I have put it on recovery account. If you are facing any WhatsApp issue. With your RECOVER YOUR SUPERCELL I’D

You can also do that as another option to return your ID in Clash of Class, but I am doing it because I have to do it. What do you say, I have to bring my account back. To recover, connect with Super Sales!

Now whatever is in the next step, you do not have to click on it. A message type icon will appear above. Click on it. Must be coming on him.

There are many options for writing that message or something like this which I have given below.

Below, photo has been sent, that means the screenshot has been shared, so if you see whatever is coming in it, then you just have to share it.RECOVER YOUR SUPERCELL I’D

Now if you come as yourself, it is written on it. If something is written about super sale support then it is there only. Now he will ask some questions.

What you mean is that it will ask for your account details like the play was typed or if you were in any of the plans or it will do something that means your body will ask again.

Means your account has been deleted. If it is a bonded account or which account it is, if I have forgotten the email of my account or something like that, then it will say that your email means your ID in the game whether it was SuperStar connected or not.


It will give you all the options which will be yours, so click on it. Then what happens after that remains to be seen.

See like I told you above he will ask a lot of things. Will query you. A little bit means what do you want to chat about? Means live messages which are send a message,

if someone asks something then he has to tell you why you said that. Like I have done the last supercell ID on this and more topics were coming in it.

But to recover the super cell ID that I have said, I clicked on it. 


Look, now further in this, as I clicked on the loss since morning, I have given you whatever is there that if you have forgotten yours, then first from where you can recover and such things are written earlier.


See if you have Gmail in it. Meaning, you remember which Gmail account you are connected to, which you can do from that and go back, but I continued because my password is Gmail.

I don’t know which Gmail account I was connected to. So that’s why I have opted to continue. Then now I have to ask for it. Player is asking for take.

Then the next thing is it will ask me for client tag whether there is a joint in any clan or not.

He has told that as soon as I put my player attack in it, he then asks if I had joined any clan. He asks something like this, send further photos and screenshots.Of my RECOVER YOUR SUPERCELL I’D

Continue on next article because main part after is simple they tell you that we are enable to recover to your so please continue or start the new conversation.

And as you record whatever is in it, whatever is there after that will tell you that it means brother,

we could not recover this for you. In so many details or it will say start a new conservation.

Play  Clash of Clans like you can’t recover. If you want to get your super sister-in-law’s ID in the new device,

then you will have to look from YouTube because the article cannot explain exactly how to do what. If you want to go, you can search on YouTube.


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