How to Use New ABILITIES in Clash of Clans 2023



As you have read the title of this article, I am going to EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES it to you. What are the new abilities of the hero? So first of all I have told you. Barbarian king and the queen, has some new abilities.

I explain first king after that Queen’s, then Warden’s and you know RC’s don’t have one. If you are coming after reading my previous article, in that I told that no new ability has come for RC.EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES

Till now it is the same which he used to throw and go to his 4th building and read.

This city has been settled, but the King who has come into it is ruined and a puppet.There are Earthquake Boots and the new one which has come with Bell has also got a lot of new abilities in it.

Like Earthquake spells, if you know the meaning from the name then it means a lot, it will damage the hair and as if it is QueenAnd the new abilities that our queen has got, one of them is healing and the second one is gaint arrow.EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES

In this also I have explained this many times. Secondly, there are many of my articles, so he will get one of them. He is too big. Meaning as if that joint was that hair which was there, it was going.

By far it’s the same, less at all..And yes, in all these, now you have got the level also, which means the more you level it, the more powerful you become.

EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIESHe will do much more. Now this does not mean that if you have made the king sixty and this equipment of yours is for 11.

It has also become such that now how much coin you give to your or any hero in Clash of Class, he will get it accordingly. How many levels like I just posted this. This is Town Hall 10, which means Town Hall 9, so I have a king in it.

If it is level 20 then its barbarian king puppet is visible. Of level 4. But these levels can increase very much. All these levels go up to level 15 or 14.





Look, first of all, let me tell you about the king. First we will do the big thing, although comedy is written all over it, but let me tell you what is super big.

First of all the troubles come to us as we give them the ability. The king is left with puppets. He has small Barbarians, yes, they come out of small Barbarians puppets. It’s normal, there’s no change, it’s know the time of seconds one.

Now let me tell you about the second unique ability it has got. Meaning, this was also taken in the larger range which is normal. In this too, when you used to give him the ability of a king, then when he used to be in the dress, all his barbies were Indian too and he himself has written the same.

In this also this is normal, this is what you see, there is no change in this too, what I will tell you the complete EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES in this article is the second one, the third one, the order, the fourth one, that is the new one which has just arrived, the new equipment means the new update which has been received by our king.

Yes, this is the third one, it is new. First of all, let me tell you the name of the new equipment. Meaning, the new ability that we have got, we have got Earthquake Boots, its ability is, as you are getting to know. You said she was good, there is no one like her today.

Whatever it contains, its damage is very high which means it will destroy in one go. Its power is limited to the amount of hair around it. Let us move on to the next one.


At number 4 we have Ram Starch. Basically in this. Whenever Raja damages any building or anyone, he will be found himself. Second on his hill I will show you the director image.

You can figure out how it works by looking at me. I also found it very broken, because at one place you can give a race and also give an earthquake spell.

The new abilities become a little more unique in which I have also kept the title, that is, tablet. No one is the best in this but there is a lot of unique that means Warden.



First of all, if we talk about Archer Queen, then her eldest one is also like that. Like Barbarik King had said that a normal archer will have pets but there is a countdown in it.

And the second thing is that now we come to the second part on which the part becomes invisible. As we do that, click on his ability and then his ability ends up locking.

And yes, the second, which means I am in the third, the unique equipment which the Queen has got, is the child one, which will be open for you, meaning it will be unlocked.

Black Smith Building which has come new update, when you make it second level, then when you make it second level, then any of yours which will open, brother, it is time to join, just like that, brother, telling that is going too far and whatever.

Whatever comes to you comfortably nearby, whatever is first in its range is like from the building. All this will be destroyed and you will get very good value.

You number is the new equipment that has come on the phone, I mean I am saying display on the number because I think if we delete them from the number then it will be easier that this number is on the chart and we get healer puppets. Now what is its name, that is.

Its name has to be decided so that Aanchal will be released in place of the puppet. She also did not do anything like that. The cloned one is as new as the same-to-same copy. The healers will turn out to be original.

But this dealer will give you information according to your queen level, that is, how and what you have to do. Meaning like your level is.

For 30lv. queens, you will probably get either 1 healer puppet or two, but whatever the max is, I will have to update. Only then will I unlock you!



Brother, what my Grand Warden has received is the most amazing thing, with different variations.

Two things will be different. First of all, you will stay in the dome area. EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES As far as it goes with a little shading of its white color aura, you can either save it or enemy target it, which means infinity level in both the equipment.

And as soon as the Warden, which I would like to tell you first, is Internet Don’t, it means the HP in it reaches a very high level.

Meaning no one can touch you. By whatever model your hit point is, it is not an event. There are no mines.

EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES Whatever is in it is worth a lot of crores. Reaches these final levels. It’s just there for a few seconds.

And on the second is Boost HP, which means it posts your health. The head increases our points. From 30 to 15%, I don’t know the exact value, how much percentage increases but this is normal, which is his ability, if you are with him and us. With this EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIES

Whatever you have with me is like your head points, if whatever you have, let’s say it is from Pakar or Electro Dragon or take it from him. Of Electro Titan.

If his HP is 7000 then it will make it 7300. 7000 or 400 will do. This increases his head points and the Eternity dome that I have already mentioned.

EXPLAINATION OF NEW ABILITIESNow we are going to talk about the news. The next one is from the new keypad, which has a brand new update this year.

Show this is your new requirement, meaning you can also say this in simple language, Sir, the new ability that Grand Water has got is that if you and I remain there, it will keep solving it.

Meaning, if it is yours then only your hit point will be healed for healing dome ability in it. This is even better than the first one and the second one, let’s see how many pen people it will be. I will also tell you how much building you will have to do so that it gets unlocked for you.

So I will not tell much about number 4 in the film. It’s just that what it is, makes you race. Also if you click like people. This will race you in Grand Warden’s ability.

At least this much juice will be added. Up to 30% or 50% of the normal range spell which gives 150 juice. If you want 150% then it will speed up by 50 or 30%. With the Warden’s ability, healing is a plus. If you use Airtel. Will drink with this again.



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