Explore The Exciting New Powers for Heroes in TH16 Clash of Clans



In Clash of Class, gives us new heroes basically we have become a new thing in clash of clans it’s is there is giving us equipment.

Just like it was for a king. In simple terms we knows those equipment as heroes Abilities

Like king has puppets became small Barbarians puppets and gets raged .

Now in its place something new will come which I am going to show you. What other equipment will there be in it and how will it fit with our heroes

Which would be the best strategy equipment for king is? You can see for yourself in the following article,

I explained you here in it has been brought in a very detailed manner. Like in a lot of queens has Archer puppets she gives.

The interesting things is that it’s on powerful arrow and invisible is called invisible arrows.

Secondly the new equipment basically im try to say that our queen second abilities was change and gives such new looks on Healing and a lot of new things have come in NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES ofWarden also.

Like before the Warden, he has the Eternal doom, through which anyone who was around his, came to his area they become immortal i used immortal word because the troops hp [hits points] have increased at its peak and become invisible.

Warden Whoever lived there, he used to take it. Any number of hit points on him would reach his unlimited Infinity level no matter how much damage troops could take.

That would be nothing. There are many more like this and we will tell about them in this article.


And I have created many articles similar to this, like I have also created an article to explain NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES and its details and we have given all the power in it i.e. new abilities in it.

Yes, exactly in detail like you see the shot on YouTube. I have provided whatever I can on such articles also.

This is a very detailed video. What new abilities has he got in it? New Unique Ability We have mentioned him time and time again and there are many videos. Such new buildings and many articles are made of them.

I will give you a calling and you can go and see it and I have also told you many things about it. More articles will keep coming in details.

Now a new update of Clash of Class has arrived. What is there in it, how is it downloaded, how many levels can it have? How much time did it take to tell a lot of things?



So first of all we are the strongest hero whose hit points are also above 10000.

Now that the new level has come, it has become even more.NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES OF KING

Probably it is around 11000 because it is not yet known how much has happened. I did not pay attention.

Because I haven’t played this update yet and it hasn’t even arrived. At the time when I am writing this article, let’s look ahead.

I am telling you what should be made first. King’s Equipment: As you might have read in the title, what is there in Clash of Class is that first of all I will talk about the normal abilities that he had. Used to meet earlier.

Whatever NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES OF KING is there in it like pocket and bridge, it has been shown in a different way, which puppets used to come out or which book was kept with it, then whatever is there in it, two more new ones have been added.

For example, one is called Healing Per Secondand also a hit points, I will tell you its name. Further in this article, let me just tell you the basics so that it becomes easier for you.NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES OF KING



And the second thing is that, in this article I am talking about Queen Equipment, in which I will tell you first of all what is different from others.

Have got one of them joined. Told new comments. If I was at fault, one of the things that was there was invisibility, that as soon as it was given, it became invisible and it came from her father.

Now whatever is there in this too, is just like what happened to the king. Same is the case in this one too but there is hit after hit.

If the queen touches or hits any storage defense or anything, it will automatically be resolved by 30% and this also includes. As it is, which is very big.


Its hit point is also very uneven. If you want to see, you can see more of what is to come in the future.

It has been made only in such a way that it has been updated because it has been given new NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES of queen abilities like Queen’s. Meaning it is not abilities.

Meaning, your abilities are the abilities of the mind. This is just equipment which we call abilities.NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES

You just gave it a new name. By providing the equipment and he introduced us. You see this


So like we talked about in the other King and Queen’s equipment, that’s how we met.

We got Ward which I have got more awesome because it has one healing increase and one range increase.

Meaning its equipment is as it was, so if we live in it. A lot of troops so either you can solve that with airtel number but you will get it.

First of all, let me tell you that you will not get more than what is in it, nor when will you get it and if you have to check further.

At least give it to you for that. No further updates as to what happens. Even if it comes further, only those two will remain in it.

There was a change within him. Like before and such that it increases his interest points by 30%. NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES This 25% is not known exactly. I will look at it and add it to the article again.

Isn’t it? I was telling it in this. Gets up to 35. Whatever range it has, if you have not seen it with the light, then whatever range has been added to it, you will get one range from the NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES equipment. From 50% and I will explain further what it is, how what to do?


And the soldiers are saying with sadness that there is no ability for RC?

Don’t know why but Clash of Clans or Super Cell guys did it. RC’s ability has not been mentioned. Meaning, the new equipment that has come, basically I will call it ability because it will be easier for me to explain, hence I will call it ability.

I will not say equipment because if you have any new word from equipment, then we are playing a little more that brother, call it the warden’s ability, someone call his ability, then we will comment whatever is there and will say that it is ability.

Its new, but I have to say with great sadness that the classes have not given us RC meaning Royal Champion. Any new ability from any equipment is the same that she used to pass through her seal. This is the only building in the building, building 4.


And more from different articles. There are many new things in it too, like I have just mentioned that the building is different and the tops are different because neutral has also come which we know as road riders. There is a new post.NEW UNIQUE ABILITIES OF KING

Fox is sprite, it makes invisible. You will meet one of these every 4 seconds, but you are very afraid of getting help.


And as for the conclusion, neither am I telling the truth nor am I giving my personal opinion. You will see this power in balance a lot in this.

As news troops have come, I will post separate articles for them. New Defense from YouTube It’s all about what’s new and what it’s all about.

I have added new articles for that. I have given the link for that also. You have been mentioned above, but what is there is that there is going to be a huge imbalance in the clash of classes and A may or may not come.

It may come because new equipment has arrived. Meaning, the new ability is true, Russia can do it because of this and anyway, now it has become very good.

India Clash of Clash lovers must know that those who play Clash of Clans since childhood and are real lovers will definitely enjoy it and those who live in imagination, if you want to make Clash of Clans your favorite.

Neither do you have to imagine what is your best thing nor what you like the most. Try to get her thing into the game and bam you’ll get what you wanted.

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