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Gold pass

Coc Glod pass this season.

Hello everyone in this article we discussed about this game gold pass why called this gold pass worst because the event which is running on the way to get the best new update Unleash.

The big news can also achieve the new update details What’s I like to tell you that Th 16 is coming so popular rapidly expanding globally

I show you the th 16 On the new article and I share the linn of that article so.keep in touch

And I explained in this article why it is worst and why I say this to you what I said u have to Participate in the new event that’s called the team joining evet

Their are two team globally one team is team trees and another one is sea team actually I don’t know the second team name clearly so you can.

Clash of clans this year last gold pass.

Yes this gold pass you also know this is the pass of this year because it’s theme I really don’t like it.

I don’t like this gold pass theme because it’s like a you are here purchasing sweets like chocolate cakes and biscuits, but it’s base scenery is good their is no problem at all.

Gold pass

And the particular reason for this is that Because the hero skins in this gold pass given in it are absolutely not amazing.

It’s dynamic, if you don’t like it, the One Piece fans guys know how it is, as it was when strawhat went to fight Big Mom in the Big Mom Island

In the whole cake island art, all the things that Big Mom had done, all her soldiers were exactly like this, everyone on her cake island was because Big Mom devil fruit name is that Soul Soul Nomi had been eaten in it, so if it was seen from the angle Let us see.

if there is anyone who will be fun one piece. , it may even seem right to him because as I said, it is visible to him. Which came long before vehicles.

The Whole Cake Island episode in which Big mom should be fought I have mentioned above, so according to that, it is good if you watch it. good

I also showed how the warden’s skin looks, it looks exactly like the cap shown in it in One Piece.

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Worst part.

Gold pass


Why is it worst gold pass of this year

The worst part of the game is basically that it’s hero skins in clash of clans in the Mashup Madness event which is the legendary hero skin is free for all players but in this.

Clash of clans in this season there is no big deal with the new update details What’s I show you that this gold pass has worst of worst hero skins in this update and the gaming experience was too much good.



In conclusion, games correct the minor bugs and anl little evolved on his graphics to immersive virtual worlds, becoming a most loved able and influential form of game industry.

The gaming industry has witnessed unexpectedly growth of coc in 2013 to 15

fueled by technological advancements, creative innovations, and a massive of this game lover global audience.

Today, this games also hold the position still constant are not merely a pastime;

they serve as strongest for in battleroyals games, social interaction, and even education.l and a lot of fun.

The impact of this games they improve the boundaries of entertainment, with the rise of competitiveness gaming, or esports, turning the supercell into a multi-billion dollar company.

In conclusion, games have become a world wide fav game in the world and.

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