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INTRODUCTON– This Minecraft game is basically in this game, one where you become a god like being simple means demi-god

You have the freedom to create anything you want in it simply you have it.

If you want to build a factory you easily built any but you need resource for doing it.

Want diamond you can create and build anything.

Ruby Gold Silver Oil Factory is a place where you can create anything you want.

There is still a lot of information to be learned about this game Minecraft and its significance.

There is a large amount of space. This is also an empty space; you have the power to change it into anything you want.

You can design any thing that you want




RELEASE DATE- 15-Agu-2011

PUBLISHER- Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Telltale Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment

APP SIZE- 619 mb mobile version paid


OFFERED BY- Mojang Studios

DESIGNERS- Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten, Matthew Dunthorne and soon

DEVELOPER- Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Telltale Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment


It is not possible to install Minecraft l it without paying.

I neglected to mention this earlier.

This game requires payment to play. The initial thing you need to do is pay it.

You won’t be able to Minecraft play it otherwise.and its app has a size of 619MB.

The map can be downloaded, just like it does in Call of Duty.

Events or various maps are also present in this.

Saving it will also take up your internal storage, similar to building a new building by downloading it.

For playing purposes, a device with storage of more than 256 GB is a good option.

Minecraft can also be played online, and you can play with your friends like in other games.

It’s slightly different. There are other types of mods on it, including zombie mod or other things because this butt is yours,

whatever you want, whatever you can imagine, you can do that anything in this World because your city is your world, your world is yours.

Everything is here is yours, and it’s up to you what you like to do.

Acknowledge that you have become something like God.

You have a power to do anything, example if you like to set up a diamond factory or anything.

and like Have to make a building you make a built building.

and also you can make that that bigger. then You can do that in this also. this a That too, no one feels free.

There’s just one problem.A little thing that can cause you trouble i your game that the things is your device storage

The device will require more than 1 TB of space. If you want to play well without any laggings

And without being happened any troubleshoots,and otherwise you will have a device above 256 GB.

In which you can play comfortably, otherwise you can also take it, it will be fine.

You can just save some of what is there in the storage.

Can’t do some things. That’s it. This is a small problem and there is nothing wrong with it.

It is not that 256 GB is required. You can play this in 128GB or 64GB also.

The only problem you will be faced that whatever you save the game will include more of the storage.

The bigger you make the thing.And game use that too much storage, this problem will arise and nothing else.


His new beta version

Its new version is free of cost. Just means that is the complete free app. You have a free trial in it.

You guys can do game instalation, play it, if you like it then you can easily install do it. This is the latest that has come, if you don’t know then I told you.

If you want to read more in this article then you can see the next article because there are many new things.

There’s a lot of it like you don’t know. Like a free version has come.

It is absolutely free for Minecraft on Play Store and App Store.

It is exactly like that, there will be some graphics change or people will not give the graphics because it will not be complete.

It’s free and who knows it might be a trolley. I haven’t tried it yet. You try it and tell me how you liked it and also comment. You get this game and its son version.

Version 1.20.40

And this is the current version of Minecraft and if you want anything else like what is there in it, such a big update does not come like the one for multiplayer.

There are different modes in this. You can play it comfortably with different modes and there are many things because there are different modes of play and it has multiplayer so you can play whatever is there with your friends.

Online without any problem, the only small difference is that it will not have a squad. Stand people can play comfortably in this game.

There will be 10 friends. You can play 10 out of 10 and everyone will have their own world.

When you make a call, there will be no interference. Have to remain completely different from everyone else.

Everyone’s worlds will be different. Just whatever you needs to be created you did in it. There is only one problem.

This is for storage. Because the bigger the building or the more things you build, the more space it takes.

Your phone has internet storage, it will not use it. That’s why you will do it.

She will tell us whether we will do that or do something else, but she is not interested.


How to download minecraft in mobile for free

Yes, as you have read the article, the heading has been given on it.

I have read it exactly right, you can do it absolutely free because?

Because Minecraft is available on Play Store. Also available on App Store.

But that tree asks that first you pay and then you can easily install it.

But now Minecraft people released another new version.

Beta version in which you can do free trial.

That’s why it’s for Minecraft, and that’s why you won’t find it on any other website but on the Play Store.

So you install it, it is not very big app size. It is of 128 GB and nothing else.

Put it in there and download it.If you like the its beta version then you download.

Well, his popularity is very high.

It’s the only oneof game Minecraft’s after BGMI. Secondly, it this gaming and it also has Call of Duty, so you can play comfortably. Pari version is free for him.

He absolutely and just comes into it in a small way.

Not many grow up like this. Just correct them in the update and what else?


As I have mentioned above how you can install it and where you can get it. It is absolutely free, you do not need to go to any login.

You can install it from Play Store and if you have an iOS device then you can also download it from iOS i.e. App Store. That’s because they have launched the beta version of which.

That some players can’t do. Meaning, if you want to try it, you can try it by playing.

If they like it then they can install it. Will be the latest version. Son, you should play and see how it feels.

I have never played with you. I will also install it today and see how it is?


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